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Greetings from the abandoned goldfields of Central Victoria. I hope this missive finds you well and happy. How about that rain, hey?

Two quick things:


1. Come see me read!

I’m reading poetry this coming Saturday, 25 March at 12pm at the monthly PoetiCas reading in downtown Castlemaine and it would be swell if you came along.

Joining me will be Joel Deane, of whom I am a fan. Which is nice. I once reviewed a book by Joel – you can read what I thought here. There’s also a review of Joel’s latest book, Year of the Wasp, here.

The reading will include an open mic with a prize given to the poem most enjoyed by Joel and I, guest judges and readers both.

There will also be a raffle toward which I am donating a hen’s-teeth copy of The Third Fruit is a Bird, which is now yet another of my out-of-print books despite being published by a print-on-demand publisher by virtue of said publisher closing up shop at some unspecified time in the last two years or so. So it goes.

I’ll be reading some cyborg-y selections from Poem: Spaceknight as well as some non-genre poems and one or two poems by poets who are not me that I have read and enjoyed of late. So, you know. Something for everyone.

Details of the reading below, and also on Facebook here.

PoetiCas presents
Joel Deane & Adam Ford
12-2pm, March 25
The Food Garden
14 – 16 Mostyn St Castlemaine

See you there.


B. Come grab an anticline!

I recently restocked my two poetry zines about anticlinal folds, so visitors to Castlemaine and Chewton who are curious about how poetry, geology and public art might intersect can once again take a wander off the main drag and pick up a tiny free poetry zine about time and bendy rock and that.

Late last year both containers of the zines either went missing or got wrecked by persons unknown, necessitating the construction of two new containers, which is what I’m claiming as the “reason” it’s taken so long to get these out in the wild again.

Full disclosure re: location of both zines can be had here.

Those of you nowhere near my home region and with no plans to come closer can contact me via this email or my website and I can send you some.


III. Housekeeping stuff!

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Comments, criticisms and suggestions can go to I’m also at and

This was written on Dja Dja Wurrung Country.

Thanks for reading.


One comment on “Adam’s Occasional Poetry News
  1. michael mantlo says:

    If you’re thinking about publishing POEM: Spaceknight as a complete work, I’d love to get a copy to present to my brother, Bill Mantlo! I believe he would thoroughly enjoy this! Thank you for your passion for ROM! –Mike Mantlo

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