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So every now and then I get organised enough to send some of my poetry and stories out to people, and every now and then some of them are generous enough to say “well yes Adam we would like to publish that in our web magazine”. Which is very gratifying. It means that I can assemble lists of links like this to show to all my friends.

Arrival! (via Going Down Swinging and The Red Corner)
“It’s classic meet-cute. / He’s a seven-foot cyborg on / a quest to rid the galaxy of an ancient evil. / She’s a small-town girl on her way home from work.”

I’m Worried That My Increasingly Complex Shower Masturbation Routine is Unethical Because of The Amount of Water I Use (via cordite)
“I try to avoid thinking about the / permeable membrane between / TV and the internet.”

Anti-RomCom Pop Song (via Australian Poetry Journal)
“the girl that I like doesn’t like me / so I / respected her decision as an autonomous human being…”

The Moon is Not Talking to Us (with Gregory Mackay) (via cordite)
“Nothing that comes from the Moon is intended for us.”
read the comic version | read the text version

The Modified B Plan (via Linebreak)
“The bastards fly. People are dead. We’re on the modified B plan.”

The Battle of Clarendon St (with Grant Balfour & Charles “Bud” Tingwell) (via YouTube)
“It was Cazaly who united them, Cazaly with his coal-black hair and eyes of steel…”

Escalation (Use Only as Directed) (via qarrtsiluni)
“We appreciate that a poster / with instructions for the use / of escalators may seem patronising…”

Various found diagrams (via Diagram)
Keishin-Kei, Risshin-Kei | The Pedipulator | Extraction of “Prominence” Feature | Public Space | Snap Figure Together As Shown | Exodus: The Making of a Miracle

The Thing (via Snorkel)
““Have you got the thing?” she asks, / turning around to face me. / My silence demands information. / She repeats herself instead.”

Coastlines (via Pindeldyboz)
“She shuffles up closer and pretends like she’s interested in what I’m doing, even suggests a couple of amino bonds that I have to admit fit the design pretty well.”

First Incision (via cordite)
“The scalpels rattle in the wooden box / as you gently set it beside the slab. / The body lies with forelegs drooping, / hooves resting just above its chest.”

Mine (via Overland Express – archived at National Library of Australia’s Pandora archive)
“Your orbit entwines Io and Ganymede / and I don’t care if it’s geometrically impossible; / I can still see you.”

Dancing to Architecture (via Agnieszka’s Dowry)
“Start. / A 4/4 beat.”

Evil Robot Monkey with Flaming Sword (via slope)
“What dread purpose do you fulfill? / Oh that I could call down the Warrior / Angels and pit them against your / Malevolent Program…”

You Should Have Killed the Monkey First (via slope – scroll down)
“Because of course it was the / monkey that snuck between / the bars on the window and / pressed the plainly-labelled / off switch on the death-trap…”

All the Other ‘Cool’ Electrons (via hutt)
“… do you suppose that the electrons in the outer / shells of higher elements like Germanium and / Magnesium get jealous of the electrons closer / to the nucleus?”

untitled (via hutt)
“She is wet. She pushes her hips upwards, then looks at me. I don’t love you, she says, tears in her eyes.”

souper vighagra (via elimae)

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