I have been making zines since the ’90s, yeah. You’ll find some examples of the zines I’ve made below.

I also teach zinemaking workshops for high school and primary school audiences. You can find out more about how to get me to come to you and help you make zines from my agents at Booked Out.

Jutchy Ya Ya has been a large part of my zine life to date. It’s an 8-page stream-of-consciousness zine that got up to issue 50 in 2018. It’s a bit random at times, but it’s well-meant.

What Astronauts Wear is an example of my work in a more traditional cut-and-paste, saddle-stitch-stapled zine format.

Be the First to Like This is a pocket-sized print sampling of unloved tweets from my twitter account. Could the first heart they earn be yours?

There’s a little bit of zine resourcing in this section too, mostly links to other zine websites, but also a thing I wrote called “Hey I Reckon I Could Do That” that you can download and use for free as a zinemaking 101 thing for anyone who needs a little bit of advice or encouragement.

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