Click on the images and titles below to read samples from each of my books and find out where you can get one.

Dance to the Anticlinal Fold is a spoken-word walking tour about history, geology and deep time centred on the Anticlinal Fold (pictured, above), an idiosyncratic and locally celebrated geological formation in downtown Castlemaine.

The Third Fruit is a Bird is my third collection of poetry. Gem from Grace Notes once said “Adam Ford’s The Third Fruit Is A Bird is a charming little work.” and “Ford is writing the light hearted ditties that I’d love to be able to write.”

Heroes and Civilians is a collection of short and very short stories. Thomas DeMary from PANK said: “Adam Ford exudes a control of the flash form, as well as an adherence to the principles of fiction, in a way not seen before by this reviewer.”

Not Quite the Man for the Job was my second poetry collection, published by the lovely folk at Allen & Unwin in 1998. It’s 96 pages long, full of poems about space-whales, superheroes, bicycles, frisbees, talking grapes, fucked-up goldfish and concrete fairies. It also has its own subject index.

Man Bites Dog was published in 2003 by the lovely people at Allen & Unwin. It’s a novel about postal delivery, zines, poetry readings, crap television, failed romance and the problems that can be caused by a big bad dog.

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