Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Video: untitled

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod (video created with xtranormal)

And we’re back. Did you miss us? If you’re a readalong type, there’s something you might find useful after the cut.

In love with someone I’m
In love with someone and I
Smile a lot and I
Write your name in the
Margins of my notebook it’s
Like being high I’m
High on you I could
Dry you out and
Cut you up and
Mix you in and
Roll you up and
Smoke you and
I’m high on you
Just like my uncle
Wants me to smoke him when he dies he’s
Depressed right now because he’s
Alone right now so he
Smokes a lot and I
Wonder if he’d feel better if
He smoked you

More next week. Same po-time, same po-channel.

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