Jutchy Ya Ya: M. Faucon de Pelouse

I mentioned to Anna this evening that this would make it Jutchy Ya Ya number 40 in a series, and she was impressed until we worked out that I had been making them since 2000, which comes in at less than five a year (as of June 2009 the equation would be 40 ÷ 8.5 = 4.7058 [or thereabouts]).

But still. 40, eh? I’ve never done forty of anything before, not even birthdays.

Hovver Bovver

This issue is what I’m thinking of as “the homeowners issue” containing as it does my thoughts on lawnmowers and chicken husbandry. Of course there’s more on offer, including name-dropping in the form of reprinted email correspondence from Wally Gotye, as well as instructions on how to change your Transformers Crossover Spider-Man from vehicle to mecha mode and a brief reference to Hovver Bovver, that old Commodore 64 lawnmowing simulator. All crammed into a mere 8 pages.

As always, pop on over to the official Jutchy Ya Ya page for links to an online version and details of how you can obtain a non-electronic copy to hold in your very own hands.

And I might try something a bit different with this issue too – a competition to celebrate the birth of JYY40. What do you reckon? Okay, the first person to respond in the comments to the following question gets a free mailed-to-your-door 12-issue subscription (normal price $6.60/$13.20 local/int’l):

What does “M. Faucon de Pelouse” mean in English?

Either your facility with la Français or a scrutinising read of the issue in question should provide the answer ye seek.


Poet. Author. Beard. Husband. Dad. Four chickens. Dog. Cat. I can sometimes fix my lawnmower.

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5 comments on “Jutchy Ya Ya: M. Faucon de Pelouse
  1. “Talon Lawn Hawk”, your third and current lawn mower! Am I first?

  2. I’m first… but I might be wrong.

  3. Adam Ford says:

    Hello, HSG!

    The phrase technically translates as “Mister Lawn Hawk”, but I’m not going to be a curmudgeon about this – this is all about encouraging participation after all. So I reckon yeah, close enough. I’d rather be Brian Nankervis than Dicko.

    One subscription coming your way. thanks heaps.

  4. Adam Ford says:

    email me with yer address and i’ll send out #40 today.

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