comics, i would like to recommend these people's writing

El Gorgo!

El Gorgo is a comic about the adventures of a crime-fighting masked wrestler scientist gorilla who writes historical fiction fighting ancient fish gods and pterodactyle men in the far distant future. There’s that beautiful silly comic book poetry again.


Tamas Jakab and Mike McGee must be congratulated for tapping into their latent supergenius to bring the world a series of ape-based adventures that are not only big colourful crazy ridiculous fun, but which are also available to read online or download for free on

A black-and-white preview for issue #3 has just recently been released, which brings the story to a total of 65 pages so far. So there’s no real excuse for not immersing yourself in the world of El Gorgo, apart from being one of those boring people who have no interest things like time travel, ancient fish gods and luchadore monkeys.


And really, if you’re that kind of person, you wouldn’t be here, now, would you?

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