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Monsters vs Dinosaurs

I’ve been working with the amazing Cameron Baker to put together a pitch proposal for a picture book (which would make us picture book pitchers I guess – sorry about that) about monsters and dinosaurs playing games together and the artwork that Cameron has created to illustrate my words is so ace that I had to share some of it here.

Above is the proposed cover for the book, and here’s a couple of Cameron’s character sketches.

I loved Cameron’s drawings from the moment I saw them in his sweet little Mote zine, and he’s a dab hand at drawing a monkey punching a dinosaur, so it’s very exciting for me to see him bringing this daft little idea to life. Now all that’s left is for me to start shopping this sucker around to see if anyone bites.

6 thoughts on “Monsters vs Dinosaurs”

    1. You were actually there at the birth of this idea, Dan – on the train in to Melbourne one morning, as I recall… Thanks for the props, and good luck for the Lego poetry stuff. Our pre-reading kids won’t be participating, but next year for sure!

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