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Poetry mixtape for June 2010

Being the fourth list of poems what I found on the internets and thought well of…

Looking for Flaws,  Hoping to Find Some – James Brush

There would be misspelled words,
she said, a few bad sentences.
Not sufficient to interfere
with the story, mind you,

The editor (and poet) in me has to pause to consider this poem’s equation of error with humanity and authenticity. Which is nice in a humbling kind of way. And yet I couldn’t bring myself to put a deliberate typo in this commentary.

Bees – Carlie Lazar

It used to give me arms of gooseflesh
imagining the black cloud
swimming through your home
like an airborne manta-ray…

I’m a sucker for any poem about bees, but the sinister backing music really makes this poem and its eponymous bees come alive in a genuinely threatening way. Never has a death-trap sounded so sinuously sexy.

Scary,  No Scary – Zachary Schomburg

There will be
a hole in its roof
that bats fly
out of.

Zachary Schomburg presents an excellent solution for dealing with scary situations. It all comes down to making the right choices.

robots – Brent Goodman

Build me a robot to clean the litterbox. One who butters toast, draws baths, archives my rare music library…

Oh, Mr. Goodman. You had me at “clean the litterbox”. I love our cat, I really do, but if anyone ever invented the non-fatal catarsendectomy I would be in that queue so fast there would be little flames on the end of each of her whiskers.

There is a Growing Movement,
They have Introduced a Motion – Patricia Lockwood

… According
to the minutes of the meeting, “Our landscape needs
a few layers of finish, let us welcome these brain-eaters
and their oniony breath.”

At the risk of this turning into the spooky poetry mixtape, I highly recommend this poem by the fabulous Patricia Lockwood of Emperor of Ice-Cream Cakes fame. It’s equal parts silly and frightening with a lovely narrative and a great finish. Patricia’s other poem on this page, “The Murder of a Man who Took Weak Science for a Wife” is also v. v. good because of – but not exclusively because of – its reference to the obvious-once-you-think-of-it scabbardfish.

9 thoughts on “Poetry mixtape for June 2010”

    1. They’re pretty freakin scary:

      And apparently very tasty too. Here’s a nice zoological illo of one by a lovely icelandic wildlife artist:

      I don’t know if I could eat anything that looked that angry, though…

    1. hi susie – thanks for your kind words. those two sites look like very rich resources – thanks for the heads up. i’m particularly keen to have a closer look at like starlings.

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