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Eric Dando has a blog!

It’s full of poems, comics and an article about saffron milkcap mushrooms. You can also read in its entirety Eric’s MA thesis about Oink Oink Oink, his latest novel. Here’s how Eric describes Oink Oink Oink:

The narrator of the story, Squirly Fern (SF), is of Japanese/ Australian descent; his grandfathers fought each other in World War Two and he is living with his mother in Japan.  At the beginning of the story, he moves to Australia to meet his father, not realising that his father has fallen in love with a transgenic pig and has been ’stimulating’ the swine in his charge for some time.

Eric’s first novel, Snail, was a major touchstone for me when I was writing Man Bites Dog. And now the internet has provided us with Dando on tap. Lovely.

1 thought on “Eric Dando has a blog!”

  1. thanks for the linky-link – in my favourite dando poem someone says “ohr” and tries to bum a cigarette … I’ve never forgotten it (although just as I write this I realise I could be wrong and perhaps this poem never existed.)

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