Workshop: Zines with Adam Ford

Next Wednesday 9 December between 5 and 7pm I’ll be hanging out at Signal, the arts space run by the City of Melbourne, with all of my zinemaking gear as part of a workshop I’m teaching, wherein zines will be discussed, dissected and also created.

So if you’re between 13 and 20 years of age and you want some insider tips on the zine creation process, or if you’re a zinemaker yourself and you just want to hang out and talk about the z-word, this could very well be for you. We’ll be reading zines, reviewing zines, writing about ourselves, making crazy cut and paste collages and generally having a ziney time.

It’s FREE, and everyone who rocks up scores a copy of the latest couple of issues of Jutchy Ya Ya. And for those of you who aren’t so familiar with where Signal is, here’s a map:

It’s kind of behind Flinders Street Station, looking over the Yarra near the Sandridge Bridge, which is the old wooden bridge down near where Queen Street crosses the river. There’s also an event page for the workshop on Facebook, so you can RSVP over there and spam it out to your ziney buddies if that’s what floats your DIY boat.

See you there zinamigos!

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